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Am I really pregnant?

You need a pregnancy test. A free test at the Gianna Centre can tell you what you need to know – right away! Our tests can detect pregnancy 10 to 14 days after conception, and are 99% accurate. When you come in for your test, you will also meet a peer counsellor who is trained and experienced in pregnancy-related concerns. She can give you the time you need to discuss your individual situation and to explore all of your options. Later, she can connect you with support services here and throughout your community.

What is a crisis pregnancy?

A pregnancy can become a crisis when it is complicated by:

  • School or career pressures
  • Family tension
  • Broken relationships
  • Financial needs
  • Health concerns

How should I tell my parents?

Talk to someone you trust. Although you may feel alone and helpless in your pregnancy, there is support. Our peer counsellors are caring, experienced, and trained to help. They can prepare you to discuss your pregnancy with your parents.

You may be pleased with the support your parents and friends will give you. Even if your parents’ first reaction is anger or disappointment, given a chance, they may be the first to give you their support.

Where can I learn about what to expect during my pregnancy?

We can provide information about the development of your child and about how pregnancy will affect you.

What will happen financially?

We can help you connect with some income support programs and offer referrals for housing and other resources you may need. Our services are free of charge.

What about school?

An unexpected pregnancy does not mean you have to drop out of school. Our peer counsellors can explore with you how you can continue your education.

My girlfriend thinks she’s pregnant, what should I do?

Your girlfriend needs someone to talk to. We can give you the facts you need to know. Don’t pressure her. You can bring her in for a free and confidential pregnancy test. You both need someone to talk to, and we are here to help.

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