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National Volunteer Week: Hedeliza Colada

National Volunteer Week: Hedeliza Colada

Hedeliza Colada is a single mother from the Philippines who made the courageous decision to leave her two young daughters to work abroad. She arrived in Edmonton as a temporary foreign worker in 2018.

After learning about CSS, Hedeliza began volunteering as a Residential Visitor Volunteer with our Community Outreach and Disability Services. When she came across the posting, Hedeliza felt motivated to get involved as she had a personal alignment to the Agency’s work. Her placement allowed her to work directly with individuals with physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities, which has been a rewarding experience.

Hedeliza says that “volunteering gives her a fantastic feeling” and she appreciates the “meaningful connection to residents.” Because of this, she took steps to enter the helping profession as a career, and continue to fulfill her passion to support others. From crafting handmade puzzles, to reading stories, and chatting with the residents, Hedeliza has managed to maintain the wonderful relationships with each of the residents she works with.

Hedeliza understands that there are many people who need help and is grateful for the resources that are available within the community and through the Agency. She shared that bringing her children here from the Philippines was a stressful process until staff from our Immigration and Settlement Services stepped in and assisted. After two application rejections, the team at our Agency advocated for her and were successful in bringing her daughters over.

Through her own experiences, Hedeliza has stated that her wish is to “wholeheartedly help” those we serve to “feel a sense of belonging” and “increase their self-confidence.”

Hedeliza, we sincerely thank you for your ongoing patience and dedication! Your kindness and empathetic view help us to build a better community!

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