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Camrose Home Renamed Trinity House

Camrose Home Renamed Trinity House

A Central Region disability group home in Camrose was renamed Trinity House in a blessing ceremony at the end of last month.

"We picked Trinity House because it has stood up to the test of time; it speaks to our roles in the community in which we live and our work as disability caregivers," said Sandy Dixon, a service coordinator for the Camrose/Wetaskiwin Region.

"Trinity is the heart of the Christian faith and our mission as individuals. It enlightens and inspires us to grow as individuals, care for, and respect each other and ourselves as Jesus did.... We strive to embrace unique individuality, diversity, and imperfections. Through our faith and good deeds, it helps us to carry out and continue down a virtuous path so that, when each of us reaches the end of our journey, we may look back and know that we made a difference in our community, in our own lives, and the individuals we cared for."

The home, formerly known as Program 2184, first opened in 1991, and moved to its current location in '95.

The blessing included visits from CSS CEO Stephen Carattini, who toured other CSS group homes that day.


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