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We've launched our new logo!

  • 22 September 2016
  • Author: Anonym
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We've launched our new logo!

Catholic Social Services unveiled a new Agency Logo at our Fall Celebration on Thursday, September 22. With the introduction of the new logo, it further underscores that Catholic Charities, Catholic Social Services, and the annual Sign of Hope appeal are all one family.

The announcement of the new logo marks an exciting new chapter at Catholic Social Services. For over 53 years, our Agency has been serving society’s most vulnerable, offering a wide range of supports and services across the Edmonton and Central Alberta region.

With our Agency continuing to grow every day, we believe it was time for us to refresh our identity with an image that closely reflects all that we do at Catholic Social Services.

“The logo is inspired by the Gospel Story of the Samaritan woman who encounters Jesus at a well one afternoon. This encounter changes her life forever and speaks to the infinite love and mercy of God for all humanity, then and now,” CSS CEO Stephen Carattini explained at the Fall Celebration.

“The well, like an oasis, is a potent symbol of life as it provides water for our physical well-being. It also provides a place where we encounter one another and we learn how to live in community. And finally, the well is a place of spiritual healing; a place where forgiveness is practiced and hearts are opened to God’s Mercy.”

Click here to watch Stephen's announcement from the Fall Celebration.