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22 Days of Hope: Day 19

Lloydminster Family Intervention

22 Days of Hope: Day 19

When George’s biological mother unexpectedly contacted him to say that he had been adopted, this 18-year-old needed our Family Intervention ministry to rebound from the drug and alcohol abuse that ensued.

At first, George was devastated by this revelation, but the two met and immediately got along despite the lingering questions and the hurt he felt for not being wanted by his birth mother. These emotions, however, were ultimately manifested through his lifestyle.

Shortly thereafter, George started to act out and found himself on a downward spiral. He was charged with breaking-and-entering his family’s home, where he’s no longer welcomed, and began resorting to alcohol and drugs to drown his problems.

Four youth workers from other agencies were unable to connect with George, but our Family Intervention youth worker did, despite George’s initial reluctance. He met with his intervention youth worker consistently and started to look for a job. He was also accepted under Alberta’s Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped, and began to comply with court orders stemming from his break-and-enter charges.

While visiting with our youth worker, he started opening up about his life, struggles, abuse from his adoptive father, and addiction. He was scared to face anything while sober, but after many discussions he agreed to enter a rehabilitation facility.

Despite his ongoing struggles and potential jail time for his actions, he has been sober for six months and still continues with his rehab. He has accepted the consequence for his decisions, and recently sent a letter to our youth worker to express appreciation for the support.

Through ministries like Family Intervention, our Sign of Hope supporters do more than provide funding. They empower people to turn their life around.

*George have been changed to protect his identity

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