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22 Days of Hope: Day 15

Wetaskiwin Counselling

22 Days of Hope: Day 15

Subsidized by the Sign of Hope, we provide therapeutic counselling to individuals, couples, and families in Wetaskiwin.

“I give thanks to God with providing me the gift to work with people in the counselling field,” said Brenda, one of our Wetaskiwin counsellors. “As counsellors, we see many people with different issues. I think about a couple that has to come to see me regarding their marriage. It was with honour that they allowed me to be a part of their healing journey.”

She continued: “Before coming into counselling, conversations exploded into arguments. Today, there is compassion and respect for each other’s opinion, thoughts and feelings. This has helped the couple to have a more stable and satisfying marriage.”

Through our counselling services offered across central Alberta, we are able to provide additional hope to families or individuals who may have nowhere else to turn to for guidance.

Our counselling services are on a sliding fee scale if not covered by health care benefits.

If it wasn’t for supporters of our annual Sign of Hope campaign, marriages like the one above and other relationships could have different outcomes. 

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