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22 Days of Hope: Day 10

Lloydminster Counselling

22 Days of Hope: Day 10

Accessing therapeutic assistance can be limited for those outside of the Edmonton area. Our Agency understands that individuals seeking counselling support require outstanding care and trust in the counsellors they confide in.

Thanks to the contributions through Sign of Hope, our Agency is able to continue expanding our ministries to towns and cities outside of the Edmonton area, offering Counselling Support services to areas including Lloydminster and Vermillion. By extending our care to these areas, we provide a helping hand to individuals like Joan who count on the strong support of our counsellors.

Lloydminster resident Joan began her nine Counselling Support sessions in March. She contacted us seeking counselling for support with her daughter’s drug addiction, and subsequent strained relationship with her husband. In this predicament, Joan experienced feelings of anger, resentment, and guilt. She knew she needed as much support as possible to overcome these obstacles in her life.

After learning coping strategies, she felt more confident and competent in herself, and in managing stressors surrounding her daughter’s addictions. Joan became more assertive in setting boundaries, improved communication with her husband, and was able to find increased support for her daughter.

To date, her daughter has maintained sobriety, and Joan has reported improved relationships with her daughter and husband.  She also said that her marriage has grown from the experience thanks to her counsellor. 

*Names have been changed to the protect the privacy of our client. The person in this photo is not depicted in this story.


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