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Most Rev. Joseph MacNeil, Archbishop Emeritus of Edmonton, passes away

  • 12 February 2018
  • Author: Martin Nguyen
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Most Rev. Joseph MacNeil, Archbishop Emeritus of Edmonton, passes away

Catholic Social Services mourn the passing of our Archbishop Emeritus, Joseph MacNeil. He was 93.


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Every day our dedicated volunteers make a difference in the lives of people we are blessed to serve. With the generous gift of your time, we will create healthy, caring communities.

Catholic Social Services Hope

We are looking for talented, committed, and caring individuals who share our mission and have a passion for helping others with humility, compassion and respect.

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Your donation changes lives. Your gift supports women leaving abusive relationships or facing crisis pregnancies, at-risk youth, individuals and families seeking counselling.

CORE Skills Training Program

Entering the workplace with limited proficiency in English and Canadian work experience can be a difficult transition for many newcomers. CORE Skills is a Health Care Aide training program we offer to all newcomers looking to enter the Health Care industry. Graduates of this program are qualified to work in group homes, long term care and assisted living facilities, and hospitals. 

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