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St. Genevieve Feast Day

Event date: 1/3/2019 Export event

St. Genevieve was a fair and courageous peasant girl who was born around 422 in Nanterre, France, to a man named Severus and a woman named Gerontia.

When Genevieve was only seven-years-old, St. Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre visited Nanterre on his way to Britain. While he was there, many people flocked to receive his blessing. The young Genevieve stood amid a crowd which had gathered around the man of God who singled her out and foretold her future sanctity. At her request, the holy Bishop led her to a church, accompanied by all the faithful, and consecrated her to God as a virgin.

Encouraged by Germanus, Genevieve dedicated her life to prayer, practices of devotion and a acts of penance. When she was only 15-years-old, she met with the Bishop of Paris and asked to become a nun. From this moment, she also began praying continuously and fasting, eating only twice a week, as a sign of her complete dedication to the Lord.

Following the death of her parents, Genevieve went on to live with her grandmother in Paris and traveled, sharing the faith, performing acts of charity, praying for the sick and prophesying. Her dedicated Christian way of life was filled with the signs of the Holy Spirit working through her.

One of our homes in Red Deer chose St. Genevieve as their patron saint because "One of the individuals who we support" at this home "is the most generous person I’ve ever had the chance to meet, and it is because of her generous nature that I thought St. Genevieve would be an appropriate and deserving name for this program.

Like St. Genevieve, this one woman gives to the needy even when she herself does not always have an excess or abundance of extras. She is forever thinking of others when it comes to being able to donate or give away things like food, clothing and gifts to places like the Salvation Army, her neighbours in the program next door, even to the staffs who work in her home. She does not ask or expect anything in return when she gifts her 3 neighbours; for her the fun is in the act of shopping, thinking of what to buy them and then spending the time wrapping the items before they are given away. She will often even go through items she already owns and re-gift them to people.  I feel that many people could benefit from the ways of this individual. It does not take a fortune of money and material items to make someone generous – generosity comes from the heart and having an inherently giving nature, as did St. Genevieve. "

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