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St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day

Event date: 10/14/2018 Export event

Born in Italy circa 1181, St. Francis of Assisi was renowned for drinking and partying in his youth. After fighting in a battle between Assisi and Perugia, Francis was captured and imprisoned for ransom. He spent nearly a year in prison—awaiting his father's payment—and, according to legend, began receiving visions from God. After his release from prison, Francis heard the voice of Christ, who told him to repair the Christian Church and live a life of poverty. Consequently, he abandoned his life of luxury and became a devotee of the faith, his reputation spreading all over the Christian world.

Later in life, Francis reportedly received a vision that left him with the stigmata of Christ—marks resembling the wounds Jesus Christ suffered when he was crucified—making Francis the first person to receive such holy wounds. He was canonized as a saint on July 16, 1228. During his life he also developed a deep love of nature and animals and is known as the patron saint of the environment and animals; his life and words have had a lasting resonance with millions of followers across the globe. Each October, many animals the world over are blessed on his feast day.

Two of our homes, on in Red Deer and one in Edmonton, chose St. Francis as their patron saint.  Reasons they chose St. Francis was because, even though he was courteous and possessed some great traits, he had a knack for fighting against injustice.  The staff in Edmonton say this represents their residents because they come ready to fight their way through battles and obstacles placed in their paths.

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