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St. Teresa of Calcutta Feast Day

Event date: 9/5/2018 Export event

Mother Theresa began life named Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Born on August 26, 1910 in Skopje, she was the youngest child born to Nikola and Drane Bojaxhiu, Receiving her First Communion at the age of five, she was confirmed in November 1916. Her father died while she was only eight years old leaving her family in financial straits.  As a teenager, she was moved to pursue missionary work and left her home in September 1928 at the age of 18 to join the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known as the Sisters of Loreto, in Ireland. She received the name Sister Mary Teresa after St. Therese of Lisieux.

In December of 1929, she departed for her first trip to India, arriving in Calcutta. After making her First Profession of Vows in May 1931, Sister Teresa was assigned to the Loreto Entally community in Calcutta and taught at St. Mary's School for girls.  Sister Teresa made her Final Profession of Vows, On May 24, 1937, becoming, as she said, the "spouse of Jesus" for "all eternity." From that time on she was called Mother Teresa.

In 1946 Mother Teresa received her "inspiration, her call within a call." On that day, in a way she would never explain, Jesus' thirst for love and for souls took hold of her heart and the desire to satiate His thirst became the driving force of her life.  Jesus revealed to her the desire of His heart for "victims of love" who would "radiate His love on souls." "Come be My light,'"He begged her. "I cannot go alone."  Jesus revealed His pain at the neglect of the poor, His sorrow at their ignorance of Him and His longing for their love. He asked Mother Teresa to establish a religious community, Missionaries of Charity, dedicated to the service of the poorest of the poor.

Nearly two years of testing and discernment passed before Mother Teresa received permission to begin. On August 17, 1948, she dressed for the first time in a white, blue-bordered sari and passed through the gates of her beloved Loreto convent to enter the world of the poor.  This began her many years of serving the poor, her starting the congregation of the Missionaries of Charity as well as other ministries.  By 1997, Mother Teresa's Sisters numbered nearly 4,000 members and were established in 610 foundations in 123 countries of the world.

On September 5, Mother Teresa's earthly life came to an end.  She left a testament of unshakable faith, invincible hope and extraordinary charity.

One of our homes in Wetaskiwin chose St. Teresa as their patron Saint because "Mother Teresa had a lifelong and selfless commitment and an unwavering labour of love to the disadvantaged, poor, and disenfranchised.  We wish to emulate her heart of service as we provide care to the individuals at Mother Teresa House.  Mother Teresa was a humble servant leader who transformed the world and changed lives. Her act of service had tremendous influence as evidenced by the enormous impact of her calling.

Small gestures of love and compassionate support to those that the world would otherwise forget demonstrate the true essence of humanity. At Mother Teresa House, we strive to support the people in our care that are impacted by sickness, and physical and cognitive challenges, with love, competence, and kindness so they might enjoy the fullness of life to the extent that they are able."


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