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St. Veronica Feast Day

Event date: 7/12/2018 Export event

Saint Veronica is known as the woman who offered a cloth to Jesus so He could wipe His face on the way to His crucifixion. The cloth is believed to exist today in the Vatican and is considered one of the most treasured relics of the Catholic Church. 

Legend states that as Christ was walking to Calvary, his face dripping with sweat and blood, Saint Veronica, a bystander, was moved with compassion. She approached Jesus and offered Him a cloth, likely her veil, which He accepted and used to wipe His face.  The image of his face was subsequently imprinted on the cloth.

Two homes in Central Alberta, one in Red Deer and one in Wainwright, have adopted St. Veronica as their patron Saint.  They chose her because of the compassion she showed to Jesus.

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