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St. Peter Feast Day

Event date: 6/29/2018 Export event

Peter was a native of Bethsaida, near Lake Tiberias and was the son of Jonah. He and his brother Andrew were fishermen on Lake Genesareth.  One day, while preaching to a crowd of people, Jesus stepped into Peter's boat and told him to go out and cast the nets.  After a long, unproductive night, Peter listened and did as Jesus asked.  Overcome by the size of the catch, Peter immediately gave up everything to follow Jesus and his life was changed forever.

Though he was one of the first disciples called to follow Jesus and eventually became the spokesman for the group.  Peter had a long and sometimes troubled life but, through it all, his "little faith" sustained him as he spread the good news throughout the world.

One of our homes in the Community Outreach and Disability Service ministry in Edmonton adopted St. Peter as their patron Saint.

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