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The Easter Triduum: Jesus' Mercy lives

Once again we engage in the Easter Triduum, these three days leading to the celebration of Christendom’s central, defining event.

We are more than we are… feed the hungry

My young granddaughters may have glimpsed the point made in the animated movie The Lion King when the ruler of all animals explains to the young cub that “We are more than we are… we are one,” but after all these years of life, their grandfather still only occasionally awakens to the beautiful wonder of this interconnectedness.

Ruach: Meandering upwards in hope

A friend prompted me into this reflection when he recently asked me “What is your Faith to you?”

May the Lord give us peace

As the New Year begins, we hope and pray that the peace and joy wished upon family members and friends and that the love and affection shown them during this season will endure throughout the year and beyond.

Ruach: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

In our tradition, Christmas is an essential liturgical marker on our spiritual journey. It is a powerful reminder, in the calendar year, that God truly inhabits our human condition.